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The coronavirus and quarantine measures are hitting society hard. Many local business owners have to close, but do not have the financial reserves to survive weeks without any turnover. It is to support such businesses that we have launched #supportyourlocal as a non-profit project.

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Our goal

Support our favorite places

We would like to continue to support our favourite places - the many cafés, bars, restaurants and shops - as well as service providers, so that our residential areas continue to be as liveable and diverse tomorrow as they are today!

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Our idea

Start with a simple voucher

As a customer you can buy vouchers for your favourite local shops, and redeem them once the quarantine measures end. This way, the owners can continue to pay their employees, feed their families and pay their bills, and you can look forward to brunch with friends or a cosy afternoon with coffee and cake at your favourite café around the corner!

As the operator of a local business, you can now open a voucher shop via firstvoucher and the shop will be presented on this platform free of charge. Our goal is to create as much visibility as possible for you!

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How it works

Open your voucher shop

We cooperate with firstvoucher – a platform that allows everyone to start their own voucher shop for free and use it to sell vouchers. firstvoucher waives all fees for the first two months after registration. We then also list all the shops on our site.

Open your voucher shop

How to open a shop

Open your own voucher shop for free here on firstvoucher

Promote your shop (via website, Facebook, Instagram, window displays, ...) and use the hashtag #supportyourlocal

Proceeds from the voucher sales will be paid to your account directly

Open your voucher shop

Selected shops

Disclaimer: There is no business partnership between #supportyourlocal and firstvoucher. We work with them because they offer quick and easy to use coupon shop infrastructure and were instantly on board to help and provide free use. Our work for #supportyourlocal is not-for-profit and we do not make any money through this.